January 27, 2015

Top Addiction Counseling Degree Programs in Texas

Top Addiction Counseling Degree Programs in Texas may be found at state universities and online programs.

Details about the Top Addiction Counseling Degree Programs in TX

Addiction counseling degree programs at the graduate level will prepare students seeking to be professional substance abuse counselors. Texas requires a Master’s or PhD for professional certification. Other requirements include 4,000 hours of counseling experience and focused training in drug counseling. Online Texas addiction counseling degree programs may be more convenient than attending in person. A degree in addiction counseling includes the study of counseling psychology. Additional training in drug counseling is necessary. When you are studying for your undergraduate degree, a preferred bachelor’s major is Psychology. As you continue to study at the graduate level, a Master’s in Counseling Psychology is a good choice. You will not be able to get state certification as a chemical dependency specialist from the Texas Certification Board of Addiction Professionals unless your degrees are from accredited colleges or universities. An Associate’s Degree in addiction counseling degree programs from Austin Community Colleges is a great way to get started on your career. As you do your research on the top addiction counseling degree programs in Texas, you will discover that many Texas state colleges and universities have the best addiction counseling degrees. The best online addiction counseling degrees allow you to get trained counseling supervision in TX. Texas certification covers three different types of substance abuse professionals: With a Master’s degree in counseling or psychology, you can qualify to be a Certified Chemical Dependency Specialist or an Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor. Texas Tech has a top notch Department of Community, Family, and Addiction Services. The University of North Texas has 36,000 students and offers both Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology.

Financial Aid and Scholarships for the Top Addiction Counseling Degree Programs in TX

Most students are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant and Federal Direct Loan Programs. For students with financial need who attend community college, the Texas Educational Opportunity Grants Program is available. Some universities provide scholarships based on financial need or merit for those students looking for the top addiction counseling degree programs in Texas. Federal financial aid programs should cover the tuition requirements for attending most Texas state colleges and universities. Addiction counseling programs online can save some time.

Texas Tech has some of the best addiction counseling degree programs, with an entire department dedicated to community and family addiction services. The best degree programs are related to psychology, mental health counseling and addiction and have low in-state tuition, which will reduce expenses. Supervised counseling hours are required for most Master’s counseling programs. When choosing addiction counseling programs online, only consider accredited schools that can accommodate supervised professional training in your area. Attending in-state universities or colleges will greatly reduce your cost of attendance. Top Addiction Counseling Degree Programs in TX will help you obtain a rewarding career.